CPESN® Luminary spotlight: Deborah Bowers

by NCPA | Apr 29, 2019

Each week, we feature a CPESN Luminary, highlighting their important, ongoing work in local networks and why being a part of CPESN networks matters.

Deborah Bowers, a pharmacist, and owner of Yorkville Pharmacy in York, S.C., is a luminary of CPESN South Carolina. "I am proud of the fact that we have individuals who see the importance of banding together and creating a new payment model," Bowers says. "There has to be belief to make this work."

When it comes to payer opportunities, Bowers says, "We have gotten some no's but that has not stopped us from continuing to turn over every rock. This persistence has allowed us to finally be in discussions with two major statewide payers."

Bowers was named Luminary of the Year for 2018.

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