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Pharmacists Flex Their Tweeting Muscle Today During 3rd Annual #Pharmacist Tweet-a-Thon

by Stephanie DuBois | Oct 01, 2015
<p><a href="">Recent <em>Dose</em> posts</a></p> <p><img src="" width="100" height="76" align="left" alt=""/>We love October here at NCPA, and not just because the crisp, fall weather is lovely this time of year at our headquarters in Alexandria, Va., or because we get to welcome thousands of pharmacists and students to our annual convention later this month. We love October because American Pharmacists Month presents another opportunity to share inspiring stories about the ways community pharmacists are helping patients in their local communities each and every day.</p>

Tweet a Thon!Today, we've teamed up with more than 50 pharmacy organizations across the country and across the globe to shout from the rooftops (well, via Twitter, which is much safer) why pharmacists are critical members of every individual's health care team. We are kicking off American Pharmacists Month with the third annual #Pharmacist Tweet-a-Thon, a day to highlight the impact that pharmacists have on patients' health and their communities. To give you some perspective on how far your #pharmacist stories can go, last year's tweet-a-thon generated more than 11,000 tweets in just one day and helped #pharmacist become the No. 1 trending health care hashtag on Oct. 2, 2014!

The time to talk about and document the vast services pharmacists provide is right now. With more patients having access to health coverage and chronic conditions demanding further attention, pharmacists are primed to take an even greater role in delivering certain health services to patients in all types of settings—from counseling to diabetes education and immunizations to blood pressure monitoring and so much more. Federal pharmacist provider status legislation—which would enable Medicare beneficiaries in medically underserved areas to receive pharmacist-provided services reimbursable under Medicare Part B—is gaining momentum and has now topped more than 200 cosponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 592) and more than 30 cosponsors in the U.S. Senate (S. 314). Your #pharmacist tweets today, Oct. 1, help us emphasize to lawmakers the often overlooked value pharmacists provide to patients and payers every day.

Here is just a sample of some of the moving tweets we have seen so far today:

  • "Scheduled flu clinics for two school corps, assisted living facility and senior center this week #pharmacist" - @WebbsPharmacy

  • "I said this a month ago, but I got my flu shot in 10 minutes at the pharmacy. No appointment necessary. My #pharmacist is awesome." - @baneenz

  • "We helped a patient this week who had difficulty swallowing pills by compounding something specific to her needs! #Pharmacist" - @LassiterDrug

  • "Just finished fitting a patient for diabetic shoes. Our staff is certified in fitting diabetic shoes & has 10+ yrs experience! #Pharmacist" - @StockstillsRx

  • "Just helped a patient understand why you can't replace a lidocaine patch with another before the twelve hour off period is up. #pharmacist" - @KenAday1

  • "#Pharmacist Our pharmacist taught her first diabetic education class yesterday evening. A much needed service! #APharmacyDoingMore" - @BrashearsRx

There's still time to get in on the tweeting action and tell your story. Simply post a tweet today about how you have helped a patient or how a pharmacist has helped you using the hashtag #pharmacist. We look forward to sharing your stories!

Tweeter @pudlo summed up our feelings earlier this morning: "It's gonna be a great day because I get to go to work as a #pharmacist today." Have a great day everyone and happy tweeting!