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Experts Examine the PBM Industry and its Impact on Prescription Drug Prices – Part Two

by John Norton | Mar 01, 2018

In part one of this short blog series, I summarized the first panel discussion at an event held in fall 2017 called "Principles for Patient-Centered Prescription Drug Coverage." The forum was designed to shed light on PBM practices and discuss ways to ensure patients have access to their medications at the lowest cost.

CMPI Vice President Robert Goldberg, PhD, moderated the second panel at the event (the highlighted video is about 13 minutes long). The panelists included Shawn Lovering , president of RxTE (a drug benefit data company); NCPA Vice President of Policy & Regulatory Affairs Susan Pilch; Burt Zweigenhaft, managing partner of Upstream Partners (health care delivery innovation company); and Dr. Mark Fendrick, director of the Center for Value Based Insurance Design at the University of Michigan.

This session offered examples of alternatives to the traditional PBM business model. Suggestions included models that identify the cheapest therapeutic equivalent for the patients and models that prohibit the drug middlemen from utilizing their own self-serving definitions of brand, generic and specialty drugs. Creating more transparency and accountability were central to the alternatives the panelists discussed.

You should watch it.