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Pay Attention to the Value of Community Pharmacy Videos | NCPA Executive Update | July 15, 2016

by NCPA | Jul 15, 2016

Dear Colleague,

Doug Hoey

I'm probably a bad parent. We have two televisions in our house and when they are both occupied we let Nolan, our 3-year old, watch his pre-school shows on YouTube—no doubt contributing to the nationwide decline in attention span.

Last year, Time magazine reported on a Microsoft study that the average attention span of a human has dipped below that of a goldfish! For the record, a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds and the study reported that the average human has an 8 second attention span (if you have read this far you have already shown that you are above average!).

gold fishVideos are one media that helps people sift through the information overload. In fact, the average person watches 206 videos per month. Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text so that's a lot of information that can be conveyed by those 206 monthly videos.

Those are just some of the reasons NCPA has released videos to describe the economic, social, and health value that community pharmacies deliver to their communities.

Last month, we released a video featuring pharmacy owner, Danny Cottrell. You might have heard about Danny a few years ago. He's the guy who decided to do something about the economic strife that was hitting his town of Brewton, AL in 2008. He gave his employees $16,000 worth of $2 bills with the only caveats that they spend the money and that they spend it locally. I'll let you watch the video to see what happened next.

What you might NOT know about Danny, though, are the other ways he serves his community like an elementary school program that rewards good classroom behavior and the countless times he has been there to meet and exceed the healthcare needs of the people in his community.

The purpose of the video is to capture what a community pharmacist means to his or her community. Not every pharmacy owner has had the stroke of genius to be a one man economic stimulant for his community but pharmacy owners give back to their community in small and big ways every day. I believe to my core that a community with an independent pharmacy is a better place for people to live. The video helps makes that point.

Thanks to the talented folks at Live Oak Bank, these videos are professionally done. Last fall, I asked the CEO of Live Oak Bank, Chip Mahan, if we could "borrow" LOB's talented videography team to create these videos. He didn't hesitate in saying "yes". A public thanks to Chip and LOB for making these videos possible.

An inspiration for the video is the 1946 movie, "It's a Wonderful Life." The movie shows how one person can have an enormous impact on an entire community. In this case, the idyllic Bedford Falls become the rough and rowdy, Pottersville; an entire community changed all because of one person. If you believe one person makes a difference, share this video.

In the very rare times I can't avoid going into a particular big box store, I see their posters on their wall near the checkout area touting their financial contributions to the community. While I don't criticize their contribution, I can't help but think about all that community pharmacies give back financially and in so many intangible ways (See December 19, 2014 issue of Executive Update). The video helps to capture those contributions.

Your friends, your family members, acquaintances on social media, maybe even your local chamber of commerce and legislators need to be reminded about what your pharmacy gives back to its community. Share this video with them.

Monday, NCPA will be releasing a second video. If you liked the first one, you'll like the next one just as much. We'll issue a press release and include the link in NCPA's eNews, Facebook page, and it will be tweeted out to NCPA's Twitter followers. I'll also include it as a "P.S." in next week's Executive Update.

Your community. It's a better place because your pharmacy is there. Don't keep that to yourself. Share it (and these videos) with the world.

Doug Hoey