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What's Your Pharmacy Story? We're Listening | NCPA Executive Update | August 12, 2016

by NCPA | Aug 11, 2016

Dear Colleague,

Doug Hoey

By now, you have seen the two videos we released this summer illustrating to consumers that it DOES make a difference which pharmacy they choose because of the incredible impact independent community pharmacies have on their communities and patients. (If not, take a look at our first and second videos—they will make you smile—and share them with your friends, health care colleagues, and patients!) Danny Cottrell's one-man stimulus program in Brewton, Ala., and Theresa Tolle's patient care story in Sebastian, Fla., are just two examples of the many, many impactful ways all of you give back to your patients and communities.

This is no time to be humble or modest about the value your pharmacy provides. With the average attention span now shorter than that of a goldfish, we need powerful messages to cut through the clutter and capture people's attention. That's why we are once again asking you to complete our third annual Community Pharmacy Impact census, which helps us compile critical statistics about the state of community pharmacy today and tell the larger story about the extraordinary difference you make.

For example, quantifying your responses allowed us to tell legislators, payers, regulators, the media, and patients last year that 63 percent of community pharmacies provide monetary support to at least five community organizations. Five! Multiply that by the number of community pharmacies across the country, and that's an awful lot of Little League teams, afterschool groups, Rotary Clubs, and other local organizations benefiting from your contributions. Just like Danny Cottrell's efforts in the first video, your generosity has ripple effects throughout the entire community. But people need to know about it!

We know things change in your pharmacy from year to year, so we ask that you complete the census annually. The information collected in this year's census will be compiled in the NCPA Digest, sponsored by Cardinal Health, which will be released at the NCPA Annual Convention this October (convention attendees get the first look!). The Digest has been published since 1932 (originally as the Lilly Digest), and although health care trends have certainly changed since then, one thing hasn't: independent pharmacists care for both their patients and their communities in ways that go beyond their traditional role as health care providers. We know you all have a story like Danny's or Theresa's, and we want to hear it.

It is critical that as many community pharmacies as possible complete the census (we are seeking one completed census per pharmacy location). There are no financial questions, and there is no need to reference other documents for answers. You can take the census on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer in just 7-8 minutes. It's an easy way to help your business and support community pharmacy—take just a few minutes today to share your story with us. Go ahead and brag a little. We're listening.

Doug Hoey