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Just Trust Me on This One | NCPA Executive Update | July 28, 2017

by NCPA | Jul 27, 2017

Dear Colleague,

Doug Hoey

"Trust me."

As pharmacists, those are two words we almost never have to utter to our patients.

Why? Because no health professional knows more about medications—their chemistry, uses, and effects—than community pharmacists. Our patients know we know our stuff so they pay attention when we tell them what they need to know. I suspect that's why pharmacists are perennially listed near the top of those national rankings of most trusted professions.

It's too bad all our relationships can't be that way. Experience has taught us to question not only the advice we're given, but also the motives of the person offering it. Not every relationship can be trusted.

But there are some other relationships in which trust still comes built-in. Take your relationship with NCPA, for instance.

As the only nationwide organization whose sole reason for existence is to protect your interests as a community pharmacist, we help assure a business environment in which you and your pharmacy can thrive—and we provide tools and resources to help you do it. Because we have no other master than you, you can trust that when we offer advice, there's no ulterior motive.

So allow me to offer some advice: You need to come to the NCPA Annual Convention this October in Orlando.

Why? I truly believe it will make you more successful. Three reasons:

  1. It's the premiere gathering for folks like you—community pharmacists looking not for fancy theories or white papers, but for practical stuff: a connection or an idea or a solution you can take home and translate into profits immediately.

  2. Because the value you'll receive there will translate into profits that will more than pay for the few days you'll be away from your business.

  3. Most importantly, the NCPA convention will equip you for a future that's coming at you fast.

With its focus on the future of your practice and business, those are the benefits this year's NCPA Convention will deliver.

The keynote sessions—one on how pharmacists can help repair the dysfunction in American health care and another on how you can build a trustworthy pharmacy brand that can withstand competition from the big guys—will be first-rate. The opportunities to learn something new will be abundant—both in CE (16+ available hours) and non-CE programs.

But to my thinking, the greatest value of our convention is the range of unique peer-led sessions we offer—sessions in which successful pharmacist-entrepreneurs can learn from each other. They dive deep into a topic and come up with new ways of thinking about it. Those have been some of our highest-rated sessions in recent years, and plenty are scheduled for Orlando, with such titles as:

  • From Pushback to Pushing Forward: Successful Strategies for Engaging Your Pharmacy Staff
  • Dollars and Data: States and Networks Share Stories and Status on Payment
  • The Power of the Plan: Pharmacy eCare Plans—The Essential Tool
  • A Roadmap to Working with Prescribers: Making Theory Into Practice
  • Show Me the ROI or Show Me the Door

Moreover, we'll have substantive programming on enhanced services networks—the what and why of CPESN and how you can be "present at the creation" and connect to a local independent pharmacy network that can help you revolutionize your practice.

In short, I believe your future depends on embracing the kinds of connections, ideas and solutions (those three words again!) we'll share with you at NCPA's 2017 Annual Convention.

Register, and come decide for yourself—and do it now, because the $150 discount off the on-site fee expires at midnight this Monday, July 31.

Trust me on this one—just like your patients trust you. The health of your business may depend on it.

Doug Hoey

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