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Give Me Just 8 Minutes | NCPA Executive Update | August 4, 2017

by NCPA | Aug 03, 2017

Dear Colleague,

Doug Hoey

One thing pharmacy has no shortage of is meetings, and it’s been a busy summer thus far. I’ve been asked to speak at many of these events and share the work NCPA is doing for community pharmacy and some of the trends we see coming around the corner. The best part of those road trips is the chance to talk to pharmacy owners. Every time I get an opportunity to talk with them, I jump at the chance. I love hearing what’s going on with you at your store, your community, and your family.

I’m not alone in that. Many of us here at NCPA interact with members every day, and when we make those connections, we always come away with ideas, solutions and inspiration to better serve pharmacy owners. And we always wish we could have more conversations.

But there’s just one of me, and there are thousands of you. That’s one of the reasons we do a Community Pharmacy Impact Census every year. It’s our way of having a feel for your business, understanding how you operate, and better serving you.

We use the information we get from the census for so many of the things NCPA does on your behalf. Here are a few:

We use the data from the census to tell policymakers who you are. They need to know the civic and economic influence community pharmacies have on their communities. We are able to put a face on independent pharmacy. That’s always important when you’re trying to advocate for change – legislators want to understand that their decisions affect real people. We compile this data so we can tell decision makers on Capitol Hill, in state legislatures and at federal agencies like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services who you are – your economic impact in communities across America – and what you offer and who you serve. This information helps us advocate more effectively for you.

The census gives us a snapshot of your pharmacy. Knowing what you offer to patients, the products you offer and the technology you use helps us serve you more effectively. We can’t physically go to every pharmacy, as much as we’d like to. Your answers allow us to virtually visit you, and that helps us help you. When some new competitor comes along touting a “revolutionary” service, the Census data allow us to credibly state that many independent pharmacies offer the same service and have done so for years.

We can help the news media understand how you impact your community. The census data lets us show who you are and the impact you have in your community as a health care provider, a leader and a citizen. We understand the tremendous impact independent pharmacists make in their communities every day, but having data to support that gives us a powerful story to tell.

We get a good sense of what’s important to you. Knowing your views helps us understand what you want and need. We can hone our communications with you, so we don’t fill your inbox with information that isn’t relevant to your business. It helps us know what kind of business and educational opportunities you want from NCPA. That helps us offer industry leading programs at NCPA’s Annual Convention in October and throughout the year.

Because we know you’re busy, we make it easy for you to take the census. Answering the questions takes about 8 minutes (yes, we’ve timed it). You are the foremost expert on the questions asked because they are about you. No financial documents or research needed. Take it on your phone or tablet if you’re on the run.

But those 8 minutes you spend answering the census questions make a big difference. So right now, I’d like to ask you to do something for your business, for NCPA and for me. I’d like you to click right here and take the census. You have a lot to do today, so do this now and get it off your list. (The census is open through Wednesday, Aug. 9, but don’t put it off.) We appreciate your time and your input.

Doug Hoey

P.S. As part of our commitment to providing you with the tools and resources you need to grow and protect your business, we are offering two upcoming webinars: a Wednesday, Aug. 9 NCPA Innovation Center CE webinar on building a long-term care pharmacy business, and a Tuesday, Aug. 22 members forum (non-CE) on pharmacy security to prevent robbery, theft and diversion (a complement to our August America’s Pharmacist cover story on how pharmacists can protect their employees and business from crime.) Hope you and your staff can join us for both.