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Leveraging Your Expertise, Building Your Brand | NCPA Executive Update | October 6, 2017

by NCPA | Oct 05, 2017

Dear Colleague,

Doug Hoey

When you want to know all about anything, you ask an expert. Your car's acting up, you hire a knowledgeable mechanic. You need help with taxes, you seek out a competent accountant. Your gall bladder needs to come out, you look for the best surgeon you can find.

That's because we respect people who are experts in their field. We want those people to help us, to share their knowledge — gained with education and experience — with us.

No one knows more about medications than pharmacists do. Doctors don't. Nurses don't. And because we have that knowledge, we need to share it as often as we can.

It's central to our brand, in fact.

On Oct. 21, you have a significant opportunity to help the community you serve. It's called National Check Your Meds Day, an initiative sponsored by Consumer Reports and enthusiastically endorsed by NCPA. It's your chance to share your expertise with patients, to advise them on the medications they take and what to do with those that have been discontinued and are now lying around the house. And as you do that, you're sure to strengthen existing relationships and create new ones that will enhance your business.

It's a busy, busy month, I know. With our NCPA Annual Convention just around the corner, you may be thinking that you just can't add anything else to your plate (though you should seriously consider adding our convention, too, if you're looking to elevate your practice and your revenues). I understand that. It's why we've created all the resources you need to make your pharmacy's National Check Your Meds Day participation as easy as possible. We provide you step-by-step instructions, starting with flyers you can post — around the community (in senior centers and provider offices, for example), online, in your pharmacy — promoting Check Your Meds Day. Talk to your patients when they come in with prescriptions, and instruct your staff to do the same.

Some of those patients may have read about Check Your Meds Day in Consumer Reports, and they may ask YOU about it. Read the materials we've provided and be ready to offer your services. Take note: Most of the large chains are taking part in this special event. So if you're not participating, some of your patients may take a stroll to the chain down the street for a med check. Why not make it easy for them to keep on coming into your store?

No doubt some patients will come to Check Your Meds Day with unused or outdated controlled substances that need to be discarded. The DEA has very extensive requirements limiting the ability for pharmacies to take back controlled substances. Those requirements aren't practical for most pharmacies, but you can order takeback envelopes for patients (a 20 percent discount is available to NCPA members) or you can direct patients to sites participating in DEA's Takeback Day on Oct. 28.

Finally, after you've completed your successful Check Your Meds Day, we'd like for you to share a little data with us — number of patients who participated, etc. We've created a form you can complete online, and it shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

We know that community pharmacists are THE medication experts in their communities. Participating in events like National Check Your Meds Day and the National Prescription Drug Takeback Day is an effective way to get that message to your community. It helps you build the brand of medications expert, and that brand is the future of your pharmacy.

Doug Hoey

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