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Jasper Drug Store Earns NCPA Innovation Center Excellence Award

by NCPA | Mar 06, 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (March 6, 2019) – Jasper Drug Store in Jasper, Ga. has earned the National Community Pharmacists Association's NICE Award (NCPA Innovation Center Excellence) for Best Customer Convenience Improvement. This is the second year of the NICE Awards competition, which was created to recognize pharmacies for their efforts to enhance their value, promote their services, and better serve their communities.

"Congratulations to Jasper Drug Store and its owner Jack Dunn for earning the NICE Award for Best Customer Convenience Improvement resulting from their extraordinary work in adding a section at the pharmacy dedicated to babies and mothers who are expecting," said Kurt Proctor, PhD, president of the NCPA Innovation Center. "The NICE Awards spotlight the best of community pharmacy branding and marketing – the innovations and redesigns that have made promotions more effective and patients' experiences more rewarding. Jasper Drug Store has made itself a something of a one-stop-shop for parents seeking services or products for their babies, and we are pleased to honor it with this award."

After he learned of another pharmacy with a baby section, owner Jack Dunn started looking into the possibility of opening something similar at his own pharmacy.

"I spoke with the ladies on our staff, and they thought it would be good to have a room available for breast feeding," Dunn said. "Soon after that a local hospital came to us and wanted our store to step forward with the baby section as well. They said they wanted a central location to send young mothers for training for breast feeding as well as other products that babies would need after they were born. And now, parents don't have to go and look at several locations to get products for their child."

Dunn says that when a new mother is released from the hospital with her baby, she is given a form with the services his pharmacy provides. In addition to the staff being thoroughly trained to know all the products the pharmacy sells for newborns, Dunn employs a certified staff person who provides education for breast feeding for new moms. Jasper Drug Store also has an after-hours phone number that parents can call if needed.

Jasper Drug Store was established in 1952 by Dunn's father Lee. The pharmacy's additional products and services include standard retail; compounding; medication therapy management; medication synchronization; immunizations; diabetes education and products, such as socks, shoes, and fittings; weight management; blood pressure control; smoking cessation; natural medications; and long-term care services.


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