Community Pharmacy Owners Rank 2018 Policy Priorities

by NCPA | Jan 08, 2018

A recently concluded NCPA survey of independent community pharmacy owners identified their top policy issues for this year. In order of ranking, they are:

  • Eliminate retroactive pharmacy DIR fees.
  • Ensure MAC transparency to address delays in payment rate updates and appeals processes.
  • Advocate for reasonable Medicaid pharmacy reimbursement (both managed care and fee-for-service).
  • Allow Medicare beneficiaries to access any willing pharmacy in Part D preferred networks.

Nos. 3 and 4 were a virtual tie.

Look for in-depth information about these issues and our ongoing advocacy efforts in the February issue of America's Pharmacist®.

We appreciate this valuable membership input that will continue to help guide NCPA’s advocacy activity on your behalf. Mark your calendar for the NCPA Congressional Pharmacy Summit April 11-12 in Alexandria, Va. – your best opportunity of the year to advance these initiatives and push back against efforts that would harm patients and their community pharmacists.