A sneak peek at MLC ...

by NCPA | Nov 30, 2018

What goes on at NCPA's Multiple Locations Conference? If you haven't attended before, here's a bit of explanation. Owners of multiple pharmacies – and those who aspire to it – are all together throughout the meeting. At times, they're listening to and interacting with exceptional leaders who share their expertise and real-world experience – from the day-to-day nitty gritty to the big picture environment in which you operate now (and more importantly, tomorrow). Some other time is devoted to building strong relationships with potential business partners who can benefit your business. And we're told by many attendees that what they value most are unique opportunities to learn what is working well for others and find out how peers are solving common challenges. Most who attend come back year after year. You can join them. Here's where to learn more and register. And by the way, the special NCPA hotel rate is guaranteed only through February 5.