NCPA Foundation steps in when disaster strikes

by NCPA | Apr 03, 2019

Community pharmacies in the Midwest have been left with the devastating effects of the winter "bomb cyclone" which brought hurricane-force winds mixed with blizzard-like conditions. Now, high levels of snowmelt and heavy rainfall have caused widespread flooding. Damage from a natural disaster can cause a community pharmacy to close its doors at a time when a community needs it the most.

The NCPA Foundation has provided disaster relief grants to community pharmacies since 2005 and is dedicated to making every dollar count toward helping struggling community pharmacies recover in the face of natural disasters. Assistance is available to NCPA member and non-member independent pharmacies (up to $2,000 per site for NCPA members/up to $1,000 for non-members).

Apply for the grant by submitting an application form here.