How does your pharmacy measure up?

by NCPA | May 24, 2019

Here's one way to find out how your pharmacy stacks up against others: Complete NCPA's annual pharmacy financial benchmarking survey, and we'll send you a custom report you can use to assess your pharmacy operations. It's a FREE customized benchmarking report that compares your pharmacy against the average pharmacy and top performing pharmacies on such measures as gross margin, net margin, cost of goods sold, return on investment, cost per employee, current ratio, and others. Just as important, aggregate data across all pharmacies that take the survey will also be published in the 2019 NCPA Digest, sponsored by Cardinal Health. The Digest is the premier benchmarking publication for independent pharmacy, with expert analysis of trends from NCPA Health Care Economist Leon Michos. The Digest provides valuable information to pharmacy owners, researchers, and journalists, as well as crucial information for NCPA advocacy efforts with policymakers. Please complete the survey TODAY.