CPESN® Luminary spotlight: Clayton Gilde

by NCPA | Jun 10, 2019

Each week, we feature a CPESN Luminary, highlighting their important, ongoing work in local networks and why being a part of CPESN networks matters.

Clayton Gilde, CEO of McBain Family Pharmacy and LC Family Pharmacy in McBain, Mich., is a luminary of CPESN Michigan. "I am so proud of all the tools CPESN USA can offer to participating pharmacies," Gilde says. "Whether its medication synchronization, chronic care management, or any other cutting-edge enhanced service, you can bet there is a toolkit provided by CPESN networks to put to use immediately in community pharmacy practice."

"Our biggest priority is reaching network adequacy to grab the attention of payers," Gilde says. "We are actively spreading the good news and recruiting like-minded pharmacies who are looking for innovative ways to care for patients beyond dispensing."

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