The LDF needs YOU in the fight against unfair PBM practices

by NCPA | Jun 13, 2019

Thanks to NCPA's longtime efforts to turn up the heat on PBMs, policymakers at the state and federal levels are getting it too, and they are primed more than ever before to address the problem of PBM middlemen.

That's why now is NOT the time to stand down, to sit back and expect that the Trump administration, Congress, or state legislatures will do the right thing without our aggressive advocacy efforts. NCPA takes nothing for granted and must continue to lead. But we can't do that without you investing in the NCPA Litigation and Legislative Defense Fund. You can give now through this link.

It will take a collective effort to prevail in the battle against unfair PBM practices, so that's why we need your support. You know the saying: "If we're not at the table, we'll be on the menu."