Package of Medicaid reform bills moving in Pennsylvania

by NCPA | Jun 14, 2019

A package of four Medicaid reform bills passed unanimously out of the Pennsylvania House Health Committee last week. HB 941 would increase PBM transparency in the Medicaid managed care program and require PBMs to reimburse at fee-for-service rates, including drug cost plus dispensing fee. HB 942 would add additional members, including two community pharmacists, to the pharmaceutical and therapeutics committee that establishes the drug formulary lists for the Medicaid program. HB 943 would allow pharmacists to discuss PBM concerns with government officials and provide drug pricing information to patients without fear of retaliation from PBMs. HB 944 would protect taxpayer dollars by providing the auditor general with greater authority to audit PBMs in the Medicaid managed care program. Kudos to the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association and other pharmacy advocates, and good luck as these bills continue to move through the General Assembly.