Yankton Wyatt Yankton Wyatt is a 2015 PharmD candidate at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. Previously, Yankton graduated from Texas A&M University with a Business degree and started his own real estate business in the San Antonio area focusing on renovating residential houses, and eventually building residential and commercial properties. After the real estate market took a downturn in 2008, he decided to change career paths. Yankton picked pharmacy as the direction to move forward in because of an interest in the medical field and vast changes in store for the profession as health care started to become more provider oriented and provides great flexibility when it comes to future work environments. After starting pharmacy school, Yankton became very active in the student NCPA chapter and reached out to a lot of local pharmacy owners to establish relationships and generate contacts of influence for the NCPA student membership. He has since been elected President of the NCPA chapter and continues to form valuable relationships that will help strengthen the voices of the organization. Because of his past business experience, he hopes to someday open his own independent pharmacy bringing innovation and genuine service to the community. Pharmacy advocacy is extremely important, not only for the profession, but for the end goal of providing the best possible care to the patient in the most efficient way possible. That is why Yankton has joined the National Student Leadership Council, to help bridge the gaps and bring awareness of advocacy from the national level all the way down to the student level, because we all have the same goals.

Email - Yanktonwyatt@gmail.com